Manx family man clinging desperately to his youth

SUP – Don’t Judge Me!

I live on a rock. We call it the Isle of Man. You’d think there are waves all the time. Well there are, 364 days of the year. But we have so … Continue reading

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Why Waikiki?

I always wanted to go to Hawaii, ever since I grew up watching Hawaii 5-o ‘book him Danno’, then through the eyes of Thomas Magnum…looking at this website you can … Continue reading

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None Extreme Cycling for Old Gippers Like Me…

The isle of Man is basically a small island with 1 mountain, some hills clinging on and flat bits at some of the extremities. Most walking and cycling involves going … Continue reading

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The Manx are 2 Wheel Mad, and Not Just Petrolheads…

The Isle of Man is synonymous with sporting greats, albeit mostly on 2 wheels. For those whose passion is Lycra and cleats, then Mark Cavendish for his Tour de France … Continue reading

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The Happiest Place on Earth

Billed as ‘The Happiest Place in the World’, Disneyland in California has a lot to live up to. Prior to traveling to California from the Isle of Man, we did … Continue reading

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That Time in Your Life When You Feel Really Old

Well, it comes to us all I suppose, you live your life, always feeling the same age and ignoring the odd ache or pain, the fact you have to scroll down to … Continue reading

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Tourist in Waikiki

Iconic and a familiar sight for any Hawaii 5-0 fans. With a superb 30th floor room, the views are amazing, fantastic…not enough superlatives to describe. Yes Waikiki is expensive, but … Continue reading

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